15 Reasons to Getaway to Paris, France.

Author: Preeti DesaiPosted on 25-07-2014

The best time to visit Paris is in spring from May to June or in the fall, from September to October.

1. River Seine, Paris


Enjoy the perfect Parsian landscape from Bercy upstream to the Orsay museum downstream, you can leisurely walk on the left bank quays...

2. Allee des Cygnes, Paris


Allee des Cygnes also known as the Path of the Swans is an island promenade, right down the middle of the River Seine.

3. Champs Elysees, Paris


The Champs Elysees in Paris is a beautiful avenue in Paris, specially at night.

4. La Madeleine Church, Paris


A church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. In French, Magdalene is known as Madeleine, hence the name of the building.

5. Louvre Museum, Paris


The Louvre is one of the largest palaces in the world and it exemplifies traditional French architecture since the Renaissance, housing magnificent collection of ancient and Western art.

6. Monets House Garden, Paris


Take a tour to Giverny from Paris to enjoy Claude Monet Museum, home and flower-filled garden of the great Impressionist painter.

7. Moulin Rouge, Paris


Moulin Rouge is the prestigious Cabaret of Paris...

8. Musee de Orsay, Paris


Situated on the Left Bank of the Seine River in Paris, the Musée d'Orsay (formerly a railroad station) erted into a spacious venue dedicated to art with its unsurpassed impressionist masterpieces.

9. Notre Dame, Paris


Notre Dame de Paris is a Gothic cathedral, and its sculptures and stained glass show the heavy influence of naturalism.

10. Opera Garnier, Paris


Red and gold, lit by the immense crystal chandelier hanging below Marc Chagall's brightly coloured ceiling, the Italian-style horseshoe-shaped auditorium has 1,900 red velvet seats.

11. Palace of Versailles, Paris


A half hour outside of Paris, the Palace of Versailles is one of the world's grandest historical museums.

12. Pantheon, Paris


The Panthéon is a neo-Classical church in the Latin Quarter in Paris.

13. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris


A sprawling park - Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris with its distinct elevations gives you great panoramic views over Paris.

14. Petit Palais, Paris


The Petit Palais is an ancient city museum with a colection of ancient artifacts, medieval objects, rare manuscripts and books, Dutch paintings from the seventeenth century.

15. Paris to Fontainebleau Forest


A favourite weekend getaway for Parisians, Fontainebleau is renowned for its large and scenic forest.

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